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You and your organisation have now participated in a ConnectFutures training or programme, which we hope has provided insight, deepened knowledge, and sparked ideas for practical action in your work with young people, communities and/or practitioners. We see social issues – particularly the challenges facing young and vulnerable people – as intersectional, and for that reason advocate that we work to tackle them in context, together. Highlighting parallels and similarities can help young people and adults see the connections between exploitative and predatory behaviours, and in turn build resilience to them. We have created this portal to curate resources we hope you will find of use. You can also access your certificate. Thank you for working with the ConnectFutures team – we look forward to working with you again!

9/11: The Al Qaeda attacks on New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon in Washington on 11th September 2001, which triggered President George W Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ and the  wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

7/7: The co-ordinated bomb attacks on London by four young British men in the name of Al Qaeda, on 7th July 2005, which killed 52 people.

Al Qaeda: Terrorist group founded in 1988 by Osama Bin Laden, which committed the 9/11 attacks.

Islamic State (Daesh/IS/ISIS/ISIL): Terrorist group formed after the fall of Saddam Hussain in Iraq and the civil war in Syria. It is the most prominent recruiter of Westerners to its mission to establish its own state.

CONTEST & the ‘4 Ps’: The British Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy initiated in 2006, revised in 2011, consisting of 4 strands: Prepare, Protect, Prevent and Pursue.

Prevent: Aiming to stop (prevent) individuals from supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists.